Poison Ivy/Oak or Dermatitis




Contact dermatitis describes a rash on the skin that is caused by coming into contact with different irritants. Often, these irritants can be different products like soaps, detergents, liquids, powders, or plants. A few of the most common plants that cause contact dermatitis are poison ivy and poison oak, both of which are found all across America and come in different varieties. If the irritant has been in your eyes or mouth, seek medical attention immediately.

What Does Dermatitis Look Like?
For many people, it’s common to experience sensitivity to the oily sap in poison ivy and poison oak. This sap is found in the fruit, leaves, stem, and root. If your skin is exposed to this sap, you will get a blistering rash at the point of contact. The reaction can be anywhere from mild to severe, depending on the amount of exposure and your level of sensitivity. Your skin may become red and itchy which can lead to swelling, burning, blisters, tenderness, bumps, dry or cracked skin, and even bruising.

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