MahaDoc provides quick and easy access to a doctor, so that you can get your condition treated as soon as possible! We offer video and audio calls, allowing you to speak to a doctor in the way you find most comfortable. With MahaDoc, you can also refill your prescriptions, bringing convenience to you.

We treat common, easily diagnosable conditions. Some examples of common conditions we treat are the common cold, influenza, UTIs, URTIs, STDs, and Alcohol Use Disorder. MahaDoc should not be used for urgent or emergency visits. Please be sure to dial 911 immediately if you need immediate attention. After you are seen via audio or video, a MahaDoc will send your prescription to a pharmacy of your choosing.

Seeing a doctor online means you don’t need to miss work or leave your home, bringing maximum convenience to you! Our pricing is competitive and affordable, saving you a lot of money than if you were to go to an in-person visit.

Yes, we can send the medical records to your primary care physician, once we receive your request and authorization from you.

Waiting times can vary, but you should be able to see a doctor in an hour or less.

Yes, we charge competitive and affordable prices for treating common conditions. We are fully transparent, so you will know how much you will have to pay before you sign out. When seeing a doctor through MahaDoc, you will have to pay a consultation fee, and the prescription separately. You can use your insurance at the pharmacy as you would normally do. Whenever possible, we prescribe generic medications to reduce your cost.

Yes, we accept insurance from all major providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna and others.

Yes, MahaDoc is HIPAA-compliant so you can rest assured that all your information will be kept confidential. We only release information if it is authorized by you.

Yes. Before physicians at MahaDoc will refill your prescriptions, you will be required to fill in your complete medical history and the medication you have been taking. We do not fill narcotic or controlled substances. Before you speak to a doctor about your refill, please have your medication bottles in front of you so you can let them know the precise medication and dosage.

Yes, we can provide written documentation that you were seen by a MahaDoc doctor. This can be given to your employer along with proof of purchase from the pharmacy. Please note that we do not provide or fill paperwork for any long term disability or prolonged absence from work.