We offer high quality care by highly rated doctors in their specialties!


We offer competitive pricing for consultations, and ensure that cost does not become a constraint for patients.


Once you request a consultation, a doctor will get an alert that you are in their waiting room and will see you very soon!


We accept most insurance plans and can see patients from 40+ states. Rest assured your costs will be covered!


We currently offer care in a majority of US states, and are looking at expanding to others.

MahaDoc – What We Offer

  • 1. Treatment for minor ailments
  • 2. Consult with Doctor through Phone or Video
  • 3. Accepting patients from 40+ states
  • 4. Prescription to the preferred pharmacies
  • 5. Medication refill
  • 6. Credit card or self-pay
  • 7. Accept most of the insurances
  • 8. Order lab tests on-line and view results
  • 9. Medical note for work or school time-off
  • 10. Track everything through Patient portal

How It Works

Find a Doctor

Search our site for a list of licensed, American-trained doctors you can see.

View profile

Review doctor profiles that includes their background, specialties and availability.

Book visit

Select the time that works for you. Simple as that!

Request an Appointment


Lower Healthcare Costs

MahaDoc is a low cost alternative to $125 doctor visits, $250 urgent care visits, and $500 ER visits.

Increase Productivity

Employees no longer have to miss an entire day of work to see a doctor for a routine illness.

Employee Satisfaction

MahaDoc makes life easier for your employees and saves them money resulting in a healthier workforce.